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Here are a few of the common ones that we get, along with answers to the questions. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

The choice of adoption is a positive alternative to an unplanned pregnancy. An adoption decision can be difficult to make on your own. The agency will be there to provide support, information and pregnancy related counseling so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Our agency has 3 local offices. Each local office has experienced adoption caseworker who will guide you throughout the entire adoption process. Your local adoption caseworker is important to be able to assist with community resources such as: Medicaid, SNAP, Doctor, Hospital, financial services and Transportation. Each adoption caseworker knows Nevada laws regarding adoption which prevents last minute complications.

YES! You have the option of selecting the adoptive family. Each family makes a picture profile, which is a mini-scrap book that tells you about their lives. All prospective adoptive families are extensively screened. They must complete a very in-depth home study investigation prior to be approved as potential adoptive parents.

If you wish, the adoptive family you’ve selected can come meet you before the baby is born. You can have as much or as little of a relationship with the adoptive family as you would like.

The choice of adoption is always at no cost to the birth parent. Nevada law allows the agency to help with pregnancy related expenses and medical costs. If needed, the agency will assist you with your applications for Medicaid, SNAP and WIC. The portion of the medical expenses not covered by private insurance or by state funds will be provided by the adoptive family.

We understand how important it is for you to stay healthy and well taken care of during your pregnancy. Your case worker will be available to assist you with all medical appointments, transportation and pregnancy related expenses.

The agency believes that all birth parents should have their own legal counsel when placing their child for adoption. We will help you find an attorney who can answer all your questions, review all your relinquishment paperwork and documents, and counsel you making sure adoption is the right choice for you and your child.

Adoption is a shared gift of love between two families. Ongoing correspondence is definitely an option for you as a birth parent. Openness in adoption is a continuum and no single arrangement is right for everyone. Your assigned caseworker will discuss with you Semi-Open, Open or Closed adoptions.

We have local offices in Reno and Las Vegas and caseworker available in all other areas of Nevada. Our agency staff is always willing to discuss any adoption related issues with you at a location of your choice. All communication is confidential by law and practice.

Birth Father’s have legal rights and responsibilities pertaining to adoption in Nevada. Our agency staff is always willing to discuss any adoption related issues with you at a location of your choice. All communication is confidential by law and practice.


This was our second domestic adoption and we couldn’t be more thrilled, impressed or appreciative of all Adoption Choices did for us and our birthmother. We were kept informed every step of the way and Lainie couldn’t have been kinder or more accessible. Truly we couldn’t be happier. Our experience was night and day as compared to out first adoption. Lainie was fabulous and made this all flawless and easy.

Jessica & Matt

Even though we had a very positive experience with our birth parents, they chose to parent. Through the entire rollercoaster of ups and downs and all that our adoption entailed, Lainie was kind, supportive and professional. She was empathetic without being fake. We are forever changed (in a good way) from our month in Reno. We are so blessed that even in the middle of the 72 hours we had a loving cradle care worker, an amazing adoption worker, and the people in Reno were kind and supportive as well. For us, what could have been bad was good, because you all were willing to look for the positive during a stressful time. We are forever grateful that we were in Reno to become Tyler’s family. He is a blessing and truly a gift. Lainie and Maire were willing to work with us each step of the way. They listened and valued who we are. Both were willing to go beyond conventional for us.

David & Kym

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