Baby is here

Baby is here


If you are feeling that parenting your newborn or young child is not the right option for you or you feel in your heart that another family is right for your child, you have several options:

We can help you develop an adoption plan. You can pick a family, meet them in advance of placement, have an open or closed adoption, and have the assurance that your baby’s needs are being met and will have a solid future.

If your baby is less than 72 hours old, you may fall under the Safe Baby Hav en Law. Call or text us to meet a counselor at our office. You can remain anonymous; no questions asked. Or you can participate and help develop the adoption plan you feel is right for your baby.

It is ok to ask questions. We are here to help.

Levels of Openness In Adoption

Adoption is a shared gift of love between two families. Openness in adoption is a continuum and no single arrangement is right for everyone. Through careful consideration of options, a child-focused approach and commitment, you will be able to decide on the amount of openness that is right for your family.

While birth parent and adoptive parent relationships may seem awkward at first, over time, the involved individuals typically become more comfortable with the plan they have chosen and pleased with their decisions. Creating openness between the birth family and the adoptive family provides a child with a lifetime of loving and meaningful relationships. Please remember, in open adoptions and semi open adoptions, the level of openness is changing and shifting throughout the adoption and after birth.

In an Open Adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents are in direct contact with one another and share identifying information with each other. This type of adoption may involve the methods listed above in the semi-open adoption as well as in-person visits, without going through the Agency. The plan for openness is decided and agreed upon by both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Open adoptions allow the child to connect more easily to his or her birth parents and to maintain a relationship. Keep in mind, the level of openness is always changing and shifting throughout the adoption and after placement; relationships change as time goes on.

In a Semi-Open Adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents usually meet prior to the birth of the child, and the adoptive parents are often times present for the birth. After placement, communication, such as pictures, texting, phone calls, letters and emails, may occur. Last names and addresses of both parties are not disclosed, unless otherwise agreed upon by the birth parents and adoptive parents. This type of adoption allows for communication between the birth parents and adoptive parents while also maintaining some privacy. Keep in mind, the level of openness is always changing and shifting throughout the adoption and after placement; relationships change as time goes on.

In a Closed Adoption, there is no contact between birthparents and adoptive parents, with the exception of the birth parents’ non-identifying social/medical information that is provided to the adoptive parents. This type of adoption is rare in private adoption situations due to social media and the internet.


5 Steps For Expectant Mothers



Families can call any time of day for information about the adoption process and to talk to a birth parent counselor over the phone. While the agency’s focus is adoption services, staff will discuss all of the different options available.



If adoption is the best option, then staff will help make an adoption plan. They will help go over post-placement agreements and preferred types of adoptive families, including race or religious preferences and what type of community they live in.



If help is needed, Adoption Choices can connect birth families with things like Medicaid, prenatal care, housing connections and WIC benefits.



View potential adoptive families’ profiles, which Adoption Choices helps narrow down to the families that match preferences.



Once two families have selected each other, Adoption Choices case workers help facilitate communication throughout the pregnancy and after birth. During pregnancy, families can meet via Skype as well as in person

Adoption Is A Shared Gift

Building your family through adoption. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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